On this page I will publish once in a while some Access and Excel and other small development stuff I manage to accomplish and dare to publish. It's quite a task to polish your stuff in order to make it presentable. Don't expect the entries to quickly.

Comment Management with PHP
A small and simple solution for your homepage


I googled a lot and couldn't find a simple comment management suitable for this site. I didn't want one of the mighty solutions like you find at WorldPress or Serenity. I wanted something simple without database management although something flexible and easy to manage.

The 4 readers of this page my remember that there was a totally different solution here before. Time flies and even retired ones have a learning curve.
I'm happy now to do most of the things with PHP and therefor the comment thing had to be changed too.

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A small sample Workbook for small or freelance businesses


I did the first version of this little application for Sabrina when she needed to keep track of her camera and cutting jobs and do some proper looking invoicing. That was an hour job or so and involved a lot of manual handling (the regular copy and paste stuff). With a little time on my hands, I played with it. The goal being: as much automation as possible without using code. Pure function and formula stuff, as it should work not only in Excel but also in Open Source spreadsheet programs like OpenOffice. There is also some hope that it could suit as a training workbook for understanding matrix formulas and functions (I'm an hopeless optimist).
Feel free to test it and have fun

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