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Wie Katharina mich sieht - zu schön, um viele Worte zu machen


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Best Trailer Ever - Resurrected

After reading Dominik Graf's wonderfull "Hymne auf Wolfgang Petersen" in FAZ we watched 2 old films (In the Line of Fire and Shattered") of Petersen on DVD. When putting the stuff into my film diary I stumbled over a quite unusual trailer for In the Line of Fire and thougt this could be a nice addition to our "Best Trailer Ever" contest. I looked it up - way back in 2010 - and actually the contest ended after two trailers therefor we will never know what the best trailer ever will be!
With a little time on my hands I thougt: "Why not putting up a new favorite page for trailer?", So I did and moved the 2 dusty ones to the new section. "How to decide about the best?" was the next question. Result: I played around and set up a simple rating system. So now we have an adequate sample of a couple dozens of WintersWeb fans this burning question will soon be answered.
.... When you'll do your job that is:

  1. Put up you favorite trailers in the new trailer link section
  2. Select the stars, put in your name, and push the vote button:
  3. ... and step by step the ratings will be shown:

You want be able to vote twice unless to cheat with your name. But that's not fair and we are fair aren't we? Webmaster im Brückenbäck
With best regards
Your Webmaster ... working and drinking tea at the "Brückenbäck"

Sabrina's Lost Film Recovered

Faulheit (Germany 2009, 21:16 min.) is one of my favorite Sabrina movies (not only because I have a minor supporting role in it). It premiered at the 2009 Ballmertshofen Filmfest .... and shortly afterwards it was lost.
Sabrina worked on it for a couple more months and all the cuts and changes didn't better it, it got out of focus, and one day the original footage was lost in a harddrive crash.
To make things worse: the Ballmertshofen DVD vanished into thin Härzfeld air and I was desperate - my favorite Sabrina movie - gone!
One lucky day however, Udo cleared up his apartment and found the preview DVD. It didn't have any credits but who cares: We'll light a bonfire and watch the wisdom of the people inhabiting a small and remote town in Germany central.
Have fun

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Same procedure as every year: The Christmas lottery

It's a family tradition and - I admitt - contraproductive to the economic cycle. But since its advent years ago our Christmas evenings have changed from an unwrapping contest to a feast of fun and communication. (You find more about the tradition on the 2010 blog page . Sabrina and Marius did the 2012 drawing and presented the results with a foto story documented below (in original version without subtitles).

Marius nach Monaten der Enthaltsamkeit wieder auf dem Weg nach Lohr.
Auf dem Bahnhof in Würzburg hat er eine seltsame Begegnung.

Sabrina: Marius, wir müssen die Geschenkeliste auslosen! Wie machen wir das?
Marius: Oh, hm, fragen wir das Internet!

Marius: Sieh mal da, eine Webseite die Auflistungen durchmischt!
Sabrina: Potzblitz! So schnell gefunden, du bist so toll, Marius!

Marius: Habe unsere Namen einfach mal eingegeben.
Sabrina: Jetzt auf "Randomize" drücken!

Sabrina: Taddaaa!
Marius: Unsere Geschenkliste!

Marius: Ein voller Erfolg.
Sabrina: Jetzt freue ich mich aber sehr auf Weihnachten!

* * * * ENDE * * * *

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Venice (2) 11.11.2012

I started to work on "Venice 2" when we were still in town. My original plan was to use an image map to force my 2 followers to click and open the pics to their full beauty. I finally gave up on the image map and used the old thumb technique. But what you see now are only clippings from the pictures in original scale - not sure whether that's an incentive to click and watch the show?

We had a wonderful room in an apartment in

Cannaregio we found on with the nice and communicative host Leonardo who helped with everything remotely from Milan - although we learned to late about the utmost importance of rubber boots we learned to late. I guess it's a totally different experience to explore Venice from a neighborhood where the locals live.

There is an abundance of art to watch even without visiting one single museum.

As we plan to come back at least every other year we sticked to the artwork in its original setting (i.e. the churches) and I guess we didn' catch them all in the 7 days. Venice has movie houses too but the Italians are even worse than the Germans when it comes to only being used to dubbed versions . But we saw at least Wong Kar Wai's "In the Mood for Love" at the Casa de la Cinema (A club cinema for members only but they let us in anyway) in Mandarin with Italian subtitles.

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Venice 27.10.2012
Venice under water Venice under water Hero & dragon with lions and girls in the background pigeons at rest close up Icecream for Russia

Not yet 24 hours in Venice and already 60 fotos on file. Probably only a nano fraction of fotos shot in Venice every day. Looking through them it's mostly the standard Venice pic: palace and canal, canal and ponte, calle and campo. Meaning? I'm the avarage tourist? Digital autofocus, easy picture, or just: you snap what you know?

In the beginning there was water. It started in Padua and at Statione Santa Lucia water was everywhere. Still dry we got our 7 day pass for the water bus alright, but the many piers in front of the station were a challenge. Oscillating mulitple times between them we finally got to pier A (we never start anything with a) and then drenched but happy we finally swam to Fondamenta Nuovo and started the game all over again till we finally got to the right Ristorante with the key for our apartment.

Next morning sirens woke us up. The landlord had warned us: Aqua Alta (high tide) was up. I didn't take it seriously, asked for the way to the Coop - not far away but unreachable, for tourists that is. Venetians have rubber boots, and that's the proper fashion for Aqua-Alta-times.

The 24h of Venice: some visual impressions. Calle under water, dragons and heros (the one with the lion a pretty scary one), lions & girls of stone,
pigeons resting, icecream for Russia.

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