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One of our family's favorite sports is sending links to interesting sites and everyone is trying to get his topic on the top of the list. Many of the links probably get lost in the inboxes and out of sight. On this page I'd like to keep the interesting ones "on the plate".

Ted Talks
Family getting addicted

Look what lectures others have recommended and write us about your favorite

This is one of the best kept secrets in the web. Go to lectures of top university professors for free!
You need to have time on your hand. It's like going to class in Princeton or Harvard ... you can't do it between supper and doing the dishes. You'll have to to invest time and concentration.
I admit it took me some time to pick up courage. I was thrilled. Click on the link and find out about my favorite. You can probably guess what it is about -:)


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Ted Talks
Family getting addicted

Dan Pink - on the surprising science of motivation

Dan Pink - on the surprising science of motivation

Ted Talks
Family getting addicted

And now you can post your own TED talk recommendations by clicking this link!

Claudio's latest link proposal. To be honest: it was Sabrina who brought it up first, but I was lazy at that time and then just forgot about it.

Claudio's pick is a wonderful short (all TED talks are about 18 minutes) lecture on motivation and what companies are doing wrong in the 21st century. Both concise and funny: you can enjoy it as a standup performance. Something only Americans are able to bring together. Being Al Gore's' speechwriter, Dan Pink is especially good at this.

When time allows I will try to knock a php page together, that will allow everybody to post his favorite TED talks in an instant.


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Jean Luc Godard

Große Klappe - Besuch bei Jean-Luc Godard (

David Lynch's Interview Project Germany

Trailer on YouTube

Claudio is getting crunchy with me - I am no longer publishing his link recommendations. finally I got some time and you can dive into the JLG world - Godard is getting funnier with age (unfortunately it's the other way round with the films)

The link above his picture is an article from "Freitag" in German, keeping you up to date with what the great old man of the Nouvelle Vague is doing nowadays.
His new film - presented in Cannes - will not be shown in German theaters and the YouTube full movie (which JLG put up himself - so it says) has been removed. But watching the "Trailer" you can actually watch the whole film in fast motion. In 4.5 minutes you've seen the film - no dialogue though.

Claudio's latest recommendation:

TALKING PICTURES Nell Freudenberger discusses Grace Paley’s short story “Somewhere Else” with Deborah Treisman

Claudio hat vor einigen Monaten die Hörreihe im New Yorker entdeckt und die Familie zu Fans gemacht. Renate schwört inzwischen auf MP3 im Auto. Eine Geschichte gelesen und dikutiert und sie ist in Würzburg.

Claudio empfiehlt die nebensthend verlinkte Geschicht von Grace Paley aus folgendem Grund: "Thema interessant weil ein Chinabesuch in den 1970ern beschrieben wird. Außerdem ist die Diskussion fast besser als die Geschichte selbst: "For a short story, you always really need two stories, one isn't enough." + "How to write about a culture that you're not familiar with" --> was sagen unsere China-Experten Sabrina und Katha dazu? "

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David Lynch
Interview Project

David Lynch's Interview Project Germany
David Lynch's Interview Project Germany

David Lynch's Interview Project USA
March 30, 2011

David Lynch is always good for a surprise & therefor for a link on this page. There are only few renowned filmmakers using the web actively as a medium of its own. In Germany I only know of Rudolf Thome ( whom I admire for literally writing an entry in his block each day ... and be it only a pic of his garden ... more often about his films, politics and the though life of an independent film maker.

Back to Lynch ... I heard Deutschlandradio Kultur this morning and they introduced the new site of his interview project in Germany. In the US there are already 121 episodes, Germany is at number 6. They said his son is in Germany and that triggered the project.

Anyway: just watch for yourself!

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Cronenberg's 'At the Suicide of the Last Jew in the World in the Last Cinema in the World'
Cronenberg - Suicide of the last jew in the world
From 'Chacun son cinéma', Cannes 2007

December 1, 2010

Last night waiting for Renate to finish her class preparation I opened 'Goodbye Cinema Hello Cinephilia' from Jonathan Rosenbaum, my favorite filmcritic. In the introduction Rosenbaum tells about a strange paradox: "that half (...) think that we're currently approaching the end of cinema as an art form and the end of film criticism as a serious activity, while the other half believe that we're enjoying some form of exciting resurgence and renaissance in both areas."
He illustrates both positions by the example of Cronenberg's short made for the 60th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival anthology film . So I stopped reading and started googling and you can watch it like me with 'film buff's delight'.
There are more 3 minute pieces to watch on the web. Just a small collection of directors the Winter family is prone to: War in Peace by Wim Wenders, I traveled 9000km to give it to you by Wong Kar Wai, real fun: World Cinema by Joel and Ethan Coen, starts funny but ends with the dead of the last (?) moviegoer: Cinema Érotique by Roman Polanski, and finally mystic as ever: Absurda by David Lynch

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Schuldenkrise ?
Das Janusgesicht der Staatsschulden von Carl Christian von Weizsäcker

Saturday June 5, 2010

I don't think Weizsäcker has read Klaus Fritsch's Traktat but can it be chance that finally an essay sees the light of the day, which points out possible positive effects of national debt?

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J. Craig Venter's dream
Synthetic Genome Brings New Life to Bacterium Sience
And man made life
The Economist

leaving a big fat goose egg
A New Clue to Explain Existence
The New York Times

Friday May 21, 2010

This was the all-the-rage scientific news of today. The links provided by Claudio get you deep into this topic. One link deeper in Science you'll find also the original article published by The J. Craig Venter Institute.

FAZ also published an article in today's print edition with the sophisticated headline: "Vier Flaschen für ein Heureka". Please post a comment when you get the point.

And Renate - always scanning the NYT - provided another science breakthrough link: "According to the basic precepts of Einsteinian relativity and quantum mechanics, equal amounts of matter and antimatter should have been created in the Big Bang and then immediately annihilated each other in a blaze of lethal energy, leaving a big fat goose egg with which to make stars, galaxies and us. And yet we exist, and physicists (among others) would dearly like to know why." DENNIS OVERBYE, NYT, 17.05.2010
This article too has the link to the original posting of the scientist (their names and institutions alone fill 3 pages). Go check the formulas!

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Out of the West
Clint Eastwood’s shifting landscape.
by David Denby
The New Yorker

Clint Eastwood is by now the most successful icon of Hollywood. Started in the movie business in 1954 at Universal, got famous in 1964 as the star of the European Western branch in Sergio Leone's A Fistful of Dollars (Per un pugno di dollari), and surprises us till today each year with one or two outstanding movies. This guy is getting 80 in May!

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Im Einbaum durchs Internet

Another contribution to the discussion about "How the Internet Changes our Mind". The article is published on the occasion of the inauguration of iPad - but you learn nothing about Apple's new gadget - more about philosophy particularly with regard to hedgehogs and foxes.

Wie hat das Internet unser Denken verändert?

Recombinant Records
Comics by Stuart McMillen

The FAZ feuilleton published a collection of thoughts about "Wie hat das Internet ihr Denken verändert" (How did the web change your thinking). I hope the link works some time. They also had cartoons from Stewart McMillen - hard to read in the paper. But you'll find the cartoon "Amusing Ourselves to Death" comparing Orwell and Huxley on the authors web site. There are a lot of other cartoons - the first one about school which will please my teacher friends - or not?

Up in the Air

Mr. Nobody

Thome Portrait 1
in BR-Alpha

Thome Portrait 2
Thome Portrait 3
Thome Portrait 4

Just listend to DLR for a minute (you get the 2 minutes slots when using the bathroom) where they interviewed the Cinema editor about upcoming 2010 films. Juno was one of my favorits in 2008 and the new film from Jason Reitman ("Up in the Air" with George Clooney as a travelling consultant with the final goal of reaching 10 million frequent flyer miles) sounds promising.
I'm not sure whether I would choose Mr. Nobody as a must see (Le Huitième Jour the only film I saw from Jaco Van Dormael was just nice) but it sounds like an interesting enough story: Mr. Nobody wakes up as an old man in the year 2092 (120 years of age) and contemplates about having made the right choices in his life.
And then I just looked at Thome's blog (the role model for this site). He uploaded the BR-Alpha feature for his 70th birthday (so far 4 parts). He seems an real egocentric who writes 80% about himself, his films, and his reception in the media. Maybe that's an advantage in this business - and definitely it's fun to follow his blog ( I have 2 of his films on the recorder - we could do a Thome double feature at Christmas!

Des Esels Schatten

Geschichte der Abderiten
Christoph Martin Wieland

In order to understand Claudio's little paper about Wieland and Dürrenmatt you better have look at Wikipedia to learn about the mule's shadow and the Greek town of Abdera. The complete Text of Wielands book is available at the Gutenberg Projekt. For serious readers I've added the link below the Wikipedia one.

The Use of Poetry
by Ian McEwan

Claudio doesn't want anything published on my little site ("Aber dann wäre ich googlebar :O Das wäre nicht gut....") but he is our main provider of interesting links. The latest one is to a story by McEwan, one of our family's favorite authors: Atonement (2001), Saturday (2005) and On Cecil Beach (2007) being the latest of his books we read.

Midnight in Dostoevsky
by Don DeLillo

It looks like Claudio has been scanning the New Yorker recently. Here is another story he hasn't read yet but wants to know whether it's worthwhile.

Shallow Graves
The novels of Paul Auster.
by James Wood

Claudio has been watching the reviews of James Wood. Here is an article about Paul Auster, an author Katharina and I adore.

Love Crimes
by Clancy Martin

Renate found a review of "Invisible" in the New York Times praising Paul Auster's latest novel. I had to order it right away and with some luck we can start reading tomorrow!

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